Terms of Service

Introduction to Service Participation:

  • Welcome to the bombard platform. The platform offers members (“customer”) an opportunity to play a proprietary developed game where, by participating, you may obtain monetary rewards. Participation in the game requires an initial payment, which unlocks the features of the game where you have the opportunity to play and win.

As Our Valued Customer:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with local laws before engaging in our platform. Upon registration, you are agreeing to become a customer of our platform, with the opportunity to participate in games that we offer.
  • We are the operators (“operator”) of the platform with the right to accept or reject any application of registration. Monetary rewards are a possible (but no guaranteed) benefit of wins in a game. It should be noted that there is no guarantee of wins and significant risks of losing your initial payment or more exists. All customers indemnify all entities and persons related to the platform from liability for losses.
  • A customer younger than 18 years of age is prohibited from using the service.
  • To ensure that no prohibited customer is using the service, the operator may demand proof of age, citizenship, and residence of any customer at their own discretion. If the customer does not provide adequate proof at the operator's request, they may be barred from further using the service.

Account access:

  • A customer is authenticated solely by their login credentials: the combination of their user name, email, password, and two-factor authentication method. The operator need not accept any other form of authentication.
  • The customer is responsible for securing their login credentials. The operator shall not be liable for lost customer accounts or the funds contained within or any other resulting damages if the customer knowingly or unknowingly provides a third party with their login credentials, especially but not limited to the customer falling victim to social engineering or malware attacks.
  • By voluntarily deleting their registration, the customer forfeits any remaining balance and investments in the platform.

Payment & Reward Withdrawals:

  • A variety of cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment (see the list in the deposit section).
  • Other cryptocurrencies that are not listed, which are sent to the customer’s deposit addresses, cannot be accessed by the operator and will not be credited to the customer's account or returned.
  • The customer will only be able to withdraw their rewards in Bitcoin.
  • In the case of blockchain forks, the operator may decide which chain is considered to be Bitcoin at their discretion. The operator may choose to make the proceeds of Bitcoin forks or airdrops available to the customer or not at their sole discretion. In the case of blockchain forks, the operator may decide which chain is considered to be Bitcoin at their discretion. The operator may choose to make the proceeds of Bitcoin forks or airdrops available to the customer or not at their sole discretion.
  • The operator attempts to process all reward withdrawals instantly unless the customer explicitly opts to queue their withdrawal. The operator shall not be liable for delayed withdrawals including those that are delayed through the fault of the operator.
  • The operator may temporarily halt all payments to and reward withdrawals from the service if they deem it necessary to ensure the safety of customers' funds (e.g., in the event of blockchain forks) or for any other important reason.
  • Crypto Currency Withdrawals can take from 5 minutes to 8 hours to complete depending on the cryptocurrency being used and network status. During this time, do not cancel any withdrawal request as it may result in the loss of funds.

Participation in Games:

  • As a customer, your participation in any game on our platform is an acknowledgment of your opportunity to obtain or lose monetary rewards. Every game you participate in offers a distinct opportunity to win, based on the rules and nature of the game. Conversely, there is a risk of making monetary losses.
  • All participations in the games on the platform are final. The operator will not issue refunds for any losses incurred as a result of participating in any games or functionality the platform provides, including but not limited to, accidental participation or losses due to technical issues.
  • In the case of a dispute, the information received and recorded by the service in its database shall be utilised to resolve the dispute.
  • Use of the script editor and the automated gaming feature is voluntary. The operator assumes no liability for malfunctioning scripts.


  • The customer agrees to abide by the chat rules. The operator may temporarily or permanently prevent customers that violate the chat rules or are otherwise disruptive from participating in the chat at the operator's sole discretion and without any warning.
  • The operator is not liable for content that other customers post or link in the chat.
  • The service is not a trading forum, and the operator discourages all types of trading or other dealing among customers. The operator will not intervene in disputes among customers under any circumstances and shall not be liable for any losses arising from such disputes.
  • Customers that are found to be asking for 'donations' in the chat will be permanently banned from the chat and will need to contact management directly to get the ban reversed.

Forfeiture of dormant accounts:

  • The operator may permanently delete accounts that have not been accessed for an extended period and may make customer names of deleted accounts available for use with new accounts again.
  • For this purpose, an account's last access time is the time that the customer last signed into the account or connected to the service while already signed in.
  • All funds of deleted dormant accounts including their balance and any investments are forfeited by the customer and assumed by the operator.


  • As a customer of our service, your participation in our games is subject to the terms of this agreement. We aim to offer a fair and enjoyable experience with the opportunity for all participants to obtain monetary rewards through their skill and participation in our games.
  • The operator, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers are not liable for any loss, expenses, costs, or damages either direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or otherwise arising in relation to your use of the service.
  • You acknowledge that the operator shall be the final decision-maker of whether you have violated this agreement in a manner that results in your suspension or permanent banning from participation in the service.