Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password.

If this happens, please follow the prompts on the login page. Simply click ‘Forgot Password’ and you will have the option to either follow prompts to reset your password or have a code sent to your allocated email address which you can use to sign yourself into 8ombard.com.

How do I play? (Manual Mode)

Fund your account, this can be with any of the digital currencies we offer (see below for the current list). Set your betting amount. Choose the volatility mode (Low, Normal or Extreme). Select 1 out of the 64 boxes. Click Bet, Good Luck!

How do I play? (Auto Mode)

Similar to Manual Mode, just easier! Fund your account, this can be with any of the digital currencies we offer (see below for the current list). Set your betting amount. Choose the volatility mode (Low, Normal or Extreme). Select the number of Auto Plays you would like to occur. (10, 25, 50, 100). Click ‘Start Auto Play’. Note: Once the round has started, if you would like to opt out and stop the Auto Play function. Click ‘Stop Auto Play’.

Which cryptocurrencies does 8ombard.com support?

8ombard.com supports multiple digital currencies for funding accounts. Please refer to the ‘cashier’ section for the list of supported currencies.

How do I add funds to my account?

Add funds to your account by transferring digital currency to the provided address in the 'Cashier' section. Ensure the correct currency is sent to its matching address to avoid losing your funds.

My added funds have not been credited.

For your convenience, we support a wide range of digital currencies. Once your transfer receives confirmation, your pending transaction will be credited to your account. The speed of confirmation depends on the transaction fee you've chosen and the current load of pending transactions on the relevant digital currency network.

My withdrawal hasn't arrived.

Withdrawals are processed promptly and added to the blockchain quickly. While we aim for efficiency, immediate confirmation cannot be guaranteed. Transaction confirmation times vary based on the fee and the volume of pending transactions on the blockchain. Note that withdrawals are currently available only in Bitcoin.

How is the value of my cryptocurrency shown?

Your digital currency balance is displayed for you to easily see. Your balance is represented in our own platform credits which is fixed at a 1:1 value to the US Dollar Value. We have done this to simplify tracking your account balance and transaction amounts.

My deposit address changed.

A new deposit address is generated for each transaction to enhance your privacy. Though old addresses remain valid, we advise using the newly provided address for each deposit to avoid tracking by third parties.

Why does the withdrawal fee change?

Withdrawal fees are adjusted according to the real-time transaction costs on the Bitcoin network, ensuring you only pay what is necessary.

Why do you charge a deposit fee?

To balance the costs associated with deposits and maintain low withdrawal fees, we apply a small fee with each deposit. This fee reflects the transaction costs on the Bitcoin network and is only applied during withdrawals or when transferring funds to another customer.

What is the house edge?

Our platform offers a competitive advantage with a low house edge of just 1%, providing favourable odds compared to many online and traditional venues.

What happens if I disconnect during a round?

Should you lose connection after a bet is placed, the game will proceed and the outcome will be honoured, as the process is managed server-side.

Can I tip someone?

Currently, you are not able to tip other players. If this changes all players will be notified.

What are the chat rules?

1. No Solicitation: Refrain from requesting money, either publicly or privately. This includes seeking loans, and investments, or insinuating that others should offer financial aid. 2. Strictly No Advertising: Refrain from publicizing, including trade propositions, job opportunities, or sharing referral/affiliate links. While the spam channel tolerates limited advertising, automated postings are prohibited. 3. One Account, One Voice: Do not simultaneously chat using multiple accounts or use alternate accounts to bypass mutes. Evading mutes may lead to additional mutes on your accounts. 4. Personal Account Policy: Never share your account with others, even briefly. If shared accounts violate our chat rules, all associated accounts risk being muted or banned. 5. Scam Alert: Remember, 8ombard.com is not a trading platform. We remain neutral in any disputes between customers and strongly advise against trading on our platform for your safety.

How does 2FA work?

Our two-factor authentication is partnered with a reputable third-party provider. Upon activation, you'll receive a confirmation code via email to ensure your account's security.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We currently do not offer an affiliate program, however, if this changes in the future, all players will be notified.

I found a bug.

Great, thank you, please let us know and once we legitimize it, you will have a reward!

How will I know when 8ombard.com will go offline for updates and maintenance?

We will let you know ahead of time. This will be through email and our social media pages. Please keep an eye out for these notifications to stay updated with the platform.

Can't find your question?

Get in touch with us at: help@8ombard.com